Support the Anti-Capitalist Legal Fund: In solidarity with all people criminalized during the Quebec social strike

[Read more below about contributing to the legal support fund for anti-capitalist resistance, as well as how you get support if you’re facing criminal charges.]

Quebec has seen an escalation of social struggle against capitalism and the state, and the recent social strike was paired with an increase in political repression. The courts and prison system exist for the purpose of social control, and are weapons used to undermine our resistance. The state promises us that “due process” ensures that we are “innocent until proven guilty”, but we know the reality is that for many, this process is the punishment. Whether it's restrictive bail conditions meant to isolate and demoralize, or the added financial constraints of legal aid, or the psychological burden of facing incarceration, being forced to navigate the criminal justice system is a sentence in and of itself. Our resistance must take this into account, and our solidarity must extend support to all of these various facets of state repression.

Even though the Quebec student general strike has ended, there are dozens of protesters who face serious criminal charges in relation to both the student strike and anti-capitalist resistance.

The Quebec Legal Fund was formed to support Quebec residents arrested at the G20 protests in Toronto (June 2010) with their legal and personal expenses. This fund, now called the CLAC Legal Defence Fund will now be expanding its mandate to also include support for personal expenses of social strike related arrestees. This fund aims to offset the various costs incurred from criminal charges other than legal fees and bail money. To learn more about the parameters of the fund, please visit: Guidelines for CLAC Legal Defence Fund.

To apply to the CLAC Legal Defence Fund, please contact or download: the Legal Fund Application Form.

For help with your strike related legal fees or for bail money, please contact our comrades at Je donne à nous:

Direct Support:

The CLAC Legal Self-Defence and Support Committee is also prepared to provide direct support to individuals facing serious criminal charges as a result of anti-capitalist resistance. If you would like to meet with someone from the committee, please contact

Contribute to the CLAC Legal Defence Fund:

Please help us reach our fundraising goal of $15 000 by January 2013!

★ You can contribute ONLINE via paypal. Visit and click on "faire un don" on the right side of the page.

100 x $100
We are seeking 100 anti-capitalist allies who are in the position to donate up to $100. If you can be part of the 100 people contributing to this special fundraising goal, get in touch via

★ If you can contribute, we encourage you to mail us a cheque. You can send a cheque to the "La Convergence des luttes anti-capitalistes" with "legal fund" in the memo line to the following address:

CLAC Legal Defence Fund/QPIRG Concordia
1500 de Maisonneuve Ouest, #204
Montréal, Québec
H3G 1N1

★ You can also donate in cash ($20, $10, $5, $2, $1) at one of the black boxes currently located at QPIRG Concordia (1500 de Maisonneuve West, #204) or at the DIRA Anarchist Library (2035 St-Laurent). More black box locations are planned in the future.

★ At the next meeting of your group or organization, pass the hat or envelope, asking for folks to contribute to the CLAC Legal Defence Fund, and then pass by one of our boxes to make a group contribution, or contact us so that we can pick up your donation.

The CLAC Legal Defence Fund holds the position that all charges related to the Quebec social strike are aspects of a general context of political repression and that they should all be dropped immediately. All of the arrests occurred in the course of a legitimate struggle against the capitalism and the state. The CLAC Legal Defence Fund will attempt to meet the needs of all those who were arrested, even the innocent ones. For more information about the Fund's guidelines please visit: Guidelines for CLAC Legal Defence Fund.

Thank you for your support!
In solidarity,

- The Legal Self-Defence and Support Committee of the Anti-Capitalist Convergence (CLAC).


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