Queer G20 Call-Out

The G20 is invading Toronto from June 25th to 27th, 2010. This is a callout to militant queers everywhere; trans people, dykes, homos, faggots, cocksuckers, and genderfuckers: come to ATTACK!

We all know why the G20 needs to be opposed: world leaders getting together secretively to make destructive global capitalist advances from behind closed doors. The G20 represents the interests of the forces which oppress queers on a daily basis, from the state and police as tools of repression to fundamentalist, right-wing Christian agendas, to enabling more corporate power and environmental destruction.


We live in a world where queers are treated like absolute shit, where the rich are conducting a colonial and ecological genocide, where racial profiling is still acceptable, and where we are forced to live off the backs of others. We will never be able to fully express our identities or build supportive communities while we continue to live in this system of privilege and domination. And this will continue until we destroy the powers that stand between us and our decisions and dreams.

Luckily, queers come backed up with a long history of resistance. This will be especially poignant during the G20 because the 41st anniversary of the Stonewall riots falls on June 27! Our queer forebearers taught themselves how to organize, how to resist, and how to fight the cops on the streets, all the while still living their own brave lives, which in itself is an act of love and revolt.

When the G20 comes to Toronto, we will make it evident that radical queers are powerful, fierce, and a tangible threat. That we are unpredictable, ungovernable, and pissed-off. During the G20 summit, we have a special opportunity to show the powers that oppress us just how hard we are willing to fight for the world (and parks) we desire (to fuck in)!

So, queers, come to Toronto, bring your affinity groups, your pink-and-black bandannas, your heels, your ceramic dildos, your plans and your flaming raging spirits. Stay tuned for specifically queer actions to come, and know that the G20 resistance will be full of queer anarchist comrades.

Check out this callout from the Southern Ontario Anarchist Resistance:

As well as what is being planned by the Toronto Community Mobilization
Network at: http://g20.torontomobilize.org/

DISCLAIMER: We are in no way encouraging you to do anything illegal or disruptive, because something like that could actually shift the power balance and change things, and that would be very very naughty of you. Please just sit at home, go to work, and watch your life pass you by.