If you want to do your part...


*Against the crisis here! Against the crisis everywhere!
Unite Against the G20!*


*Montreal, March 2010 – We won't pay for their crisis! *No to cuts in social programs; no to rising tuition; no to workers' insecurity, including non-status and immigrant workers, and the unemployed; no to racist immigration policies; no to social and ecological destruction. Enough is enough!

A new anti-capitalist alliance is calling for a mobilization against the summit of the “Group of 20” (G20), which brings together the world’s most powerful economies and their leaders to meet in the city of Toronto on June 25, 26, and 27.

Governments are taking advantage of the crisis in order to slash funding for social programs, raise tuition fees, and make the poor and the working class pay for their debt, while they subsidize corporations. Despite the lost jobs and pension funds, and the precarious living and working conditions of women and non-status workers, politicians and capitalists are doing all that they can to convince the population that it is our responsibility to make sacrifices.

An anti-capitalist convergence was held in Montreal in January 2010 to organise a response to this new offensive, orchestrated by
government, in the context of the elite's economic downturn, which ultimately impoverishes us all. We are organizing an educational campaign from now until June 2010 to mobilize against the social, economic, and environmental crises that we are subjected to every day.
The popular education and mobilization committee is inviting your group and membership to take part in this campaign. “We won't pay for their crisis!”

*How to get involved:*

***POPULAR CALENDAR OF EVENTS* Does your organization have any public events or activities from now until June 2010 that could be linked to this educational campaign, that would highlight the impacts of the crisis, destructive govermental policies, and the G20 on local struggles (housing, immigration, gender, employment, social services,
environmental issues, etc.)?

Please send us the information for the popular calendar of activities.

***ORGANIZE A WORKSHOP IN YOUR COMMUNITY! *We will be creating a workshop model outlining the impacts of the crisis and the G20. It will be made available on our website. We strongly encourage you to take this model, adapt it to the reality of struggle that your group faces, and hold a workshop in your community. We are also available to come and present a workshop.


Three ways to give your support:

1) Endorse the campaign. Write to us at *educpopg20@riseup.net*
2) Distribute the campaign information to your membership and throughout your neighbourhood.

3) Donate towards the cost of bus rentals to take us to Toronto in June. Any amount is appreciated.

*Let us know if you would like to get involved in the popular education efforts of the anti-capitalist convergence 2010 campaign, by writing to: **educpopg20@riseup.net*

On May 1st, 2010, a large anti-capitalist demonstration will be organized in Montreal on International Worker’s Day to say, “Enough is enough! We will not pay for their crisis!” We encourage your group to participate in this local mobilization that will serve to broadly publicize a later nation-wide mobilization against the global capitalists and corrupt politicians who will be meeting on June 25th, 26th, and 27th, in Toronto as the G20.

If you are interested in working with CLAC 2010, come to the upcoming general assemblies to be held on April 8th, May 5th, and June 1st.

*This is an initiative of the anti-capitalist groups that make up the PGA (People’s Global Action) Bloc of Montreal.*

*For more information: *http://www.amp-montreal.net/ *blocampmontreal@gmail.com