[Globe & Mail - June 3, 2010] A video of targets?


A video of targets?
Thursday, June 3, 2010 12:19 PM
Siri Agrell

Here’s another disturbing video posted by the people at CLAC, the Anti-Capitalist Convergence 2010. Called Mon voyage à Toronto and posted on Twitter this morning by “activist” Jaggi Singh, the video features footage of various locations around Toronto, set to the soothing beats of a song that includes lyrics: “Smash a window” and “F*ck the police.” The video shows a map of the downtown core with the security perimeters shaded in. The Monopoly Man has been superimposed over the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, while skull and cross bones are used to mark various locations, including several downtown banks, the McDonald’s at Queen and Spadina, and the Hockey Hall of Fame. Each skull and cross bones appears beside the words Vous êtes ici.

Funnily, the web site features this disclaimer: The host and administrators of this site, as well as the owner of both clac2010.net and rage2010.net domain names, in no way encourage illegal activity. The content of this site is compiled strictly for informative purposes.