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A healthy podcast !

The whole Orchard

A podcast series produced by CLAC that aims to share information relating to the abolition of police, prison and the justice system. In the form of interviews, we take on topics such as the jailing of migrants, criminalization of dissent and transformative justice. Because it's not just some bad apples, let's take down the Whole Orchard!

The most recent episodes :

This episode addresses the question of transformative justice, its origins, and how it is currently applied in certain communities. It show us how we can take action in a constructive manner to make police obsolete here and now, and not just act toward police abolition. It helps see what a world without police and state justice system might look like.

Dans cet épisode, nous discutons avec une militante impliquée dans le Comité anti-détention de Solidarité Sans Frontières (SSF), un collectif basé à Tio'tia:ke/Montréal actif depuis 2003 dans le soutien des personnes migrantes et contre les injustices liés au système d'immigration. Le comité s'oppose particulièrement à la détention des personnes migrantes et supporte les personnes incarcérées et leurs luttes.

Anticapitalist Alphabet

CLAC's Agit-Prop committee has produced between 2014 & 2018 a series of monthly chronicles on the air of CISM, then on Off The Hour at CKUT. This column was based on the formula of an alphabet book: a letter, a word, a tirade. Not in alphabetical order, but according to current events. D for defund, C for crooks. Enjoy your listening!