Legal Support and Self-Defense

CLAC's Legal Self-Defense Committee can provide support if you experience repression during demonstrations or political actions. We prefer to promote self-defense in the face of small charges and tickets. Since legal proceedings can be frightening, discouraging and demobilizing, we offer a Legal Self-Defense Workshop to help you understand the basics of the "justice system" and learn how to defend yourself against it. CLAC also has a Legal Self-Defense Fund to provide financial assistance to those arrested.

For questions about legal support, contact us at info @


For legal information in the event of arrest, visit CLAC's Frequently Asked Legal Questions.
Please note that the last update was made in 2015, so some information may no longer be up to date. Let us know if this is the case!


See also the Surprise! On a des droits?! by the Collectif Opposé à la Brutalité Policière (COBP).
Last updated in 2017, some information may have changed since then.


Before taking part in any protest, demo or political action, check out our section on how to prepare to take the streets.