The CLAC Legal Self-Defense Fund

The CLAC Legal Defense Fund aims to support people who are victims of police or legal repression for alleged actions committed in the context of individual or collective actions with an anti-capitalist, feminist, anti-colonial or anti-racist scope.

The fund is managed by the CLAC's Legal Self-Defense Committee. The committee may decide to fund a portion of legal fees in situations it deems appropriate. It is generally recommended that the committee be contacted as soon as possible following an arrest in order to develop a collaboration strategy.

The purpose of the fund is to reduce the individual impact of arrests related to demonstrations or political actions. We believe that the sustainability of social movements depends on the empowerment of the activist community in relation to legal matters, i.e., those facing charges must learn the mechanisms of the law in order to defend themselves. The fund is primarily used to defend people who are victims of State repression. To do so, eligibility for the fund may be conditional on a follow-up of the legal proceedings by the committee, which may be accompanied by recommendations or suggestions. If you believe you are eligible for the fund, you may contact us at info @

See also: CLAC's Frequently Asked (Legal) Questions.