The G20 Legal Defence Fund (Quebec)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Expansion of mandate of Legal Defence Fund

The G20 Legal Defence Fund (Quebec) was founded by the assemblies of CLAC 2010 (Anti-Capitalist Convergence) and RAG20 (Regroupement des arrêtéEs du G20) in 2010, following the mass arrests in Toronto during protests against the G20. The purpose of the G20 Legal Defence Fund was to guarantee that everyone from Quebec facing criminal charges related to the G20 in Toronto had access to legal defence.

Read more about the CLAC LEgal Suppor Fund fund here:

At the request of the CLAC Legal Self-Defence and Support Committee, and in consultation with Je Donne à Nous ( and CLASSE Légal, the G20 Legal Defence Fund (Quebec) is expanding its mandate to include non-legal expenses related to arrests in the context of the popular movement in support of the student strike and during demonstrations organized by CLAC.

The name of the fund will change from G20 Legal Defence Fund (Quebec) to the CLAC Legal Defence Fund.

The CLAC Legal Defence Fund will follow new guidelines established by the CLAC Self-Defence Committee, in consultation with CLASSE Légal and Je donne à nous. Under these guidelines, the CLAC Legal Defence Fund will continue to support the remaining G20 cases.
Guidelines for CLAC Legal Defence Fund

The CLAC Legal Defence Fund will remain under the oversight of a body accountable to the CLAC General Assembly. The current membership of the oversight body was originally ratified by CLAC and RAG20 in 2010.

The fund can be contacted at :


The G20 Legal Defence Fund (Quebec) was founded by the assemblies of CLAC 2010 (Anti-Capitalist Convergence)* and RAG20 (Regroupment des arrêtéEs du G20)**.

To CONTRIBUTE to the G20 Legal Fund, please consult the following page:

The purpose of the Defence Fund is to guarantee that funding is distributed fairly to ensure that everyone from Quebec facing criminal charges related to the G20 in Toronto has access to legal defence.

The available funding is divided according to certain priorities, such as:
- The seriousness of the charges and the possible outcome;
- Absence of other financial resources.

The Fund attempts to meet the needs of all accused.

Please note that the Fund is not directly involved in fund-raising; different organizations are working on this aspect, including the CLAC Finance & Fundraising Committee. For more information about fundraising efforts, visit:


* You can contribute ONLINE via paypal. Visit and click on "faire un don" on the right side of the page.

* You can also make a contribution at one of our many “black box” locations all over Montreal as well as Quebec City, part of our $5x5000 campaign. In MONTREAL, we currently have 21 black boxes at
: Café Anthropo (Université de Montréal), Café Aquin (UQÀM), Café Chaos, Le Cagibi, Casa del Popolo, Comité BAILS (Hochelaga-Maisonneuve), Concordia Community Solidarity Co-op Bookstore, Coop-Café Touski, DIRA Bibliothèque Anarchiste, Frigo Vert, Head & Hands, Immigrant Workers Center, L’Insoumise Librairie Anarchiste, La Librairie Paulines, Maison Norman Bethune, Okafhé du CÉGEP de Saint-Laurent, Pointe-St-Charles/Little Burgundy Legal Clinic, POPIR-Comité Logement (St-Henri), QPIRG Concordia, QPIRG McGill, & Syndicat étudiant du Cégep Marie-Victorin. In QUEBEC CITY, you can make donations at: Coop-Bar l'AgitéE & La Page Noire. Read more below for details. Here is a google map of the Montreal locations:

* If you can contribute more, we encourage you to mail us a cheque. You can send a cheque to the "La Convergence des luttes anti-capitalistes" with "legal fund" in the memo line to the following address:

G20 Legal Fund/QPIRG Concordia
1500 de Maisonneuve Ouest, #204
Montréal, Québec H3G 1N1

* At the next meeting of your group or organization, pass the hat or envelope, asking for folks to contribute to the $5 x 5000 fund, and then pass by one of our boxes to make a group contribution, or contact us so that we can pick up your donation.

For other information about ways of donating, please contact:

RAG20 is also organizing a fund-raising campaign for the Fund:

If you would like to know if a group is contributing to the Fund, please contact:

- To donate to the Guelph Anarchist Black Cross G20 Legal Fund (an alternate fund to meet the immediate needs of defendants), visit:
- To donate to the Toronto Legal Defence Fund:

If you have questions about the management of the Fund or if you are someone who is facing charges and would like to access the fund, email us at:

To make a request, please fill out the request form
For more information about the Fund's priorities and administration, click here.


In solidarity,
The Legal Fund team

* CLAC2010: Convergence des luttes anti-capitalistes was set up, in part, to mobilize and organize transport to Toronto in June 2010 and continues to support the legal and political defence of those who were arrested:
** RAG20: A network that formed after the mass, arbitrary arrests which took place in Toronto around the 2010 G20: