G20 Defendants' Legal Fund: Priorities and Administration

(updated on October 5, 2010)


General Principles:

The Legal Fund is in solidarity with everyone who was arrested in the context of organizing the resistance to the G20 or participating in the anti-G20 demonstrations in Toronto in June 2010, regardless of their role in organizing the demonstrations or their political beliefs.

The Legal Fund holds the position that all charges related to the anti-G20 demonstrations are aspects of a general context of political repression and that they should all be dropped immediately. All of the arrests occurred in the course of a legitimate struggle against the capitalist policies of the G20.

The Legal Fund holds the position that no one should have to plead guilty due to a lack of funds.

The Legal Fund will attempt to meet the needs of all those who were arrested.


The Fund is primarily intended for use by those people arrested during the G20 who are facing criminal charges and who have entered into contact with the RAAG20 and/or the CLAC Legal Committee (for example, those who have requested help, people arrested at the gym, people who took transportation organized by the CLAC, etc.), according to the following criteria:

Priority is to be given to:

• Those facing charges who wish to conduct their defense as part of a collective process;
• Those who are being represented by lawyers recommended by the Legal Fund;
• Those who are representing themselves.

Amongst these people, the priorities as to who money will be given to are:

• Those who could be facing deportation;
• Those facing criminal charges that could lead to imprisonment;
• Those without access to other sources of financial aid;
• Activists targeted for their political activities.

Expenses to be covered:

• Transportation to Toronto
• Legal fees (transcripts, etc.)
• Bail (emergency loan)
• CLAC Legal Committee logistical expenses (communications, etc.)
• Lawyers’ fees (subject to prior approval)
• Other expenses related to legal costs


The Legal Fund is administered by a committee of six (6) people selected by the CLAC Follow-up Committee and subject to approval by general assemblies of the CLAC and RAG20.

Conflict of interest: defendants, lawyers, family members and spouses of Legal Fund beneficiaries may not be Legal Fund administrators. Administrators must withdraw from making committee decisions if they might be in a conflict of interest of another type.

The Legal Fund’s Administrative Committee acts autonomously, but is at all times accountable to the RAG20, the CLAC and all of the defendants, and will present an account of its activities at the assemblies of both organizations.

The Committee in question endorses the aforementioned rules and guidelines and will see to their application. It may receive and rule upon requests to provide financial aid for legal defense. It is also able to reimburse accumulated expenses, but only upon reception of receipts.

The Administrative Committee will make use of the CLAC’s bank account. It will decide upon a decision making process and a process for appeals and arbitration, these are subject to approval by assemblies of the CLAC and RAG20. It may also propose other ways of functioning, for instance in regards to significant amounts and security measures.