The Whose City? --- Public Assembly ---

*À qui la ville? assemblée publique
Rendez-vous le 4 mai 2014 à partir de midi
au CEDA (2515 Rue Delisle)*

The Whose City? Collective has noticed that many initiatives are being organized lately around the theme of gentrification.

Panels, discussions, research, denunciations, occupations, and demonstrations abound, generally rooted in local contexts.

Certain initiatives seek to understand and document gentrification, others to denounce the economic displacement of marginal populations from traditionally popular neighbourhoods, and still others to promote alternatives (social housing, land reserves, popular reappropriation, etc).

Despite it all, gentrification continues to progress, even to the point of effectively becoming a public policy for urban development.

The Whose City? Collective is therefore proposing a Montreal-wide Public Assembly (see poster) to discuss the various current forms of resistance to gentrification, *in the hopes of arriving at a common position and a commitment to struggle together. *The Assembly will be divided into regional caucuses (North/South/West/East) in which each group/collective will be able to make decisions about the resistance to come.

Should we continue with the multiplication of local actions? Coordinate them more? Converge them? Up the tone? Maintain the diversity of actions?

A proposal will be submitted for discussion in each caucus then debated in the wider assembly.

For this exercise to be worthwhile, we need the participation of activist collectives, APAQs, housing committees, etc! We’d like to know, then, what is your interest in participation in this kind of Assembly?

Thanks in advance for your confirmations and comments.

The Whose City? Collective or info @
for the North: patricia at patricia.viannay @
for the South: valérie at valérie.simard @
for the East: patrick at patricklandry514 @
for the West: pascale at @

Information on accessibility

*$ *:Everything is free, even the lunch!
*Kids *: Come with the whole family: there will be a Kidz Zone!
*Évènement bilingue* :Whisper translation will be available from French to English and vice versa.
*Physical accessibility*:The CEDA is accessible to folks in wheelchairs; the door with a ramp can be found at 2520 Lionel-Groulx, just after the parking lot. Please ring the doorbell and we will come and open it! /If you need more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Detailed schedule

Noon: lunch
1pm: Introduction and exchange
1:30pm: What is being done already?
2pm: break
2:15pm: Discussions in caucuses (North-South-East-West)
3:15pm: Report-back and proposals in large group
4pm: Screening of a film about the occupation of a vacant lot in St-Henri in June 2013

Looking forward to seeing you!
Le Collectif À qui la Ville ou
info @

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