CLAC 2010 Anti-capitalist Reader

This paper is the product of a collaboration between various collectives and individuals associated with the Anti-capitalist convergence 2010 ( This new alliance, which is only loosely connected to the former CLAC, was created between January and March 2010 in response to the call-out put out by the Toronto Community Mobilisation Network ( for a community, anti-capitalist, mobilisation against the upcoming G8 (Huntsville, On.) and G20 (Toronto) Summits, on June 25, 26 and 27. CLAC 2010 is made up of groups and individuals linked to the Montreal PGA-Bloc, the Anti-G20 Students' Coalition (, the Anti-G20 Radical Feminists' Coalition and various other anti-capitalist organisations from the greater Montreal area. Through the early discussions that led to the creation of CLAC 2010, a central concern raised by many participants was to make sure that this alliance be more of a popular education campaign and a long term effort to consolidate local anti-capitalist struggles than merely a punctual counter-summit mobilisation. This paper is a direct response to this concern.