Guidelines for CLAC Legal Defence Fund

The original G20 Legal Defence Fund prioritizes meeting the legal expenses of all individuals facing criminal charges and potential jail time (and/or deportation) related to the G20 protests in Toronto. The fund is based on the principle that no accused should plead guilty or feel obliged to plea-bargain based on the lack of funds or resources. The Fund considers that all arrests occurred in the context of a legitimate struggle against the capitalist policies of the G20, and that all charges should be dropped immediately.

The G20 Legal Defence fund is managed by a group of local community organizers who are not facing legal charges themselves, and will ensure that legal funds are properly disbursed.

The old G20 Legal Defence fund is now called the CLAC Legal Defence Fund. The CLAC Legal Defence Fund is expanding its mandate to include non-legal expenses related to arrests in the context of the popular movement in support of the student strike and during demonstrations organized by CLAC.

The kinds of non-legal expenses in relation to the social strike that the fund will cover includes: travel costs, rent, phone calls, lost wages, etc.

For legal expenses (lawyers fees and bail) please contact: Je Donnes à Nous:

The CLAC Legal Defence Fund holds the position that all charges related to the Quebec social strike are aspects of a general context of political repression and that they should all be dropped immediately. All of the arrests occurred in the course of a legitimate struggle against the capitalism and the state. The CLAC Legal Defence Fund will attempt to meet the needs of all those who were arrested, even the innocent ones.

You must fill out the following form in order to access the funds: the Legal Fund Application Form

If this is an urgent need, please contact AND