Call for autonomous actions: December 22nd, capitalism is the crisis!

There are one thousand and one reasons to shame the so-called "holiday spirit". Whether it's the charity fundraisers, Christmas jingles played on repeat *ad nauseam*, themed ads that make any piece of crap pass as a good deal, not to mention the gift shopping stampede.

Through the over-consumption that it encourages, Christmas is without a doubt *the* annual holiday that serves the capitalist system the most. We're predicting the end of the world for this December 21st? Never mind that, if that date doesn't sound the death bells of the capitalist system, CLAC intends to disrupt it's "business as usual" the following day, December 22.

In the context of its campaign of "Ostide de crosseur: ostie de capitaliste" ("Fucking bastard, fucking capitalist") - with the target for December being none other than Santa Claus - CLAC is launching a call for autonomous, decentralized actions on Saturday, December 22nd, between 2pm-5pm, the peak moment of the blind Christmas gift stampede.

Any actions are good to rouse people from their slumber: zombie Santa Claus in front or inside of boutiques, anti-capitalist choirs, handing out flyers on the exploitation of workers from the global South, banner drops, let your imagination run wild! Shopping malls are obviously the ideal targets, but let's not forget the highly trafficked commercial arteries of the downtown and in our neighborhoods, or the companies who profit from this system all year long!

This December 22nd, capitalism is the crisis!

To consult the dossier on December's "ostie de crosseur": * (in French)*

You can also send us photos and videos of your actions, which we will distribute with pleasure:

Anti-capitalistly yours,

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