Heatstroke! (2020)

Surprise! After years of environmental destruction, the foreshadowed crisis is upon us. It's hard not to notice that the climate is fucked. And undoubtedly, the capitalist system is to blame. A radical critique of the issue is in order and we have to act now if we want to avoid the worst.

Those who still drink promises of the cruel system that dictates our every move, often ask us not to respond to violence with violence. Not to fight to fire with fire. However, they are the ones adhering to green capitalism, obeying the laws of colonial state, and enforcing private property without questioning the extreme violence that is the status quo.

In turn, we tell them not to replicate the violence of oppression. Systemic. Normative. Acceptable. The violence that rips us from our bed at the sound of an alarm. That shuts us up when we want to scream. The violence that imprisons us because we haven’t done enough or murders us because we did too much. We forever reject their violence, but we will always respond.

“Heat Stroke” is a collection of radical perspectives on our ecology in crisis. These texts, assembled by the Convergence des luttes anticapitalistes (CLAC), are the fruit of reflections by militant groups, friends, and anonymous accomplices. Words and sentences carrying the destruction of what destroys us.

Table of content:

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