Intergalactic Anti-Capitalist Assembly

Invitation to an Anti-Capitalist Assembly in Montreal

  • Monday May 27, 2013 *
  • 1PM - 5PM *
  • Location: 7th Floor, Hall Building, Concordia University, 1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd West. This location is wheelchair-accessible. *

Monday May 27 2013, after the annual Montreal Anarchist Bookfair, we hope to create a space where anti-capitalist allies from all over can reunite to discuss and reflect together, and to talk about what keeps us busy in the different cities where we live.

This will allow us to articulate our struggles and link our actions. It will also be an opportunity to tell each other what's coming and what we're organizing this year, whether we want to visit one another, etc.

It will act as an occasion for us to sit down and (re-)launch a collective reflection on the ideas and actions that are on the table at the moment, to reinforce the links and networks woven over time, and to lay the groundwork for new affinities.

We expect to spend the afternoon in discussion groups (by region? Subject of struggle? ideological position?), followed by a plenary session to collectively summarize the main threads of discussion and the most exciting ideas. That being said, the agenda is still under construction and you are strongly encouraged to send us any suggestions or discussion topics. Naturally, there will be food to share, childcare will be provided on demand, and whisper translation will be available between English and French.

Because it's a pleasure to see all those who struggle against all forms of oppression, who are active in a thousand different ways in building a movement rooted in a culture of solidarity and resistance against capitalism.

You know who you are. Join each other!

An invitation from CLAC-Montreal

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