May 1st Anti-capitalist demonstration : More than a thousand demonstrators hot their targets!

Montréal, 2nd May 2016 - La Convergence des luttes anticapitalistes
(CLAC-Montréal) and its allies reached KPMG, that infernal tower, those fucking backstabbers, that heap of capitalist maggots, those thieves without souls, the accountants and lawyers who allow for their
millionaire friends to souse their fortunes in tax havens, safe from
taxes and obligations to help with financing public services.

We reached the French consulate, in solidarity with our comrades who
took up demonstrations in the streets of Paris some weeks ago, and
endure the repeated attacks of the political and police forces. They
protest against the new work laws, but also, and especially, against the poverty and the misery that the capitalist system imposes on us.

We reached the wealthy St James club, which has been a favourite hiding place of the Canadian bourgeoisie for more than 100 years. Just nearby you can see the offices of the bosses of Bombardier, of the Financière Power, of the Banque Nationale, of the Scotiabank, of the TD Canada Trust... in short, the whole plethora of the corrupt who take pleasure in stomping the heads of the workers. Every midday at the St James club, those fucking backstabbing capitalists stuff their faces, laughing at the poor, making a mockery of the labour that in fact gives them the power to pay the bill.

We reached the Mont-Royal club, another den of upper class wealth,
where they plan their domination of the world. Not to mention the
luxurious Sofitel hotel just next door, which never hesitates to exploit female immigrants at a pittance, so that more of the rich and powerful can wallow in their ostentatious luxury.

Fucking backstabbers, you can't count on your hiding places anymore!

Finally we reached police station 20, that power-house for the guard
dogs of all the corrupt wealthy classes. We consider it important to
remember that this year the police have murdered more people than anyone else in Québec. The status quo in favour of the current economic rulers exists only through their attacks on racialised populations, First Nations peoples and the marginalised. We condemn the cowardice of these thugs' batons, who do not hesitate to aim their grenades at our eyes and legs, sending comrades to hospital, as was the case today. In the same breath we condemn the interrogations and arrests made by the police.

We take this opportunity to warmly thank the autonomous groups who
joined the protest and who helped to make it festive and colourful. We
also salute the courage of hundreds of protesters, who braved the
elements, both the weather and the police, for more than two-and-a-half hours, to make this day a memorable day of resistance, in solidarity with all those who struggle across the planet!

Because it is not enough to fight austerity, to beg for crumbs! A world of infinite economic growth is mathematically impossible, the capitalist class has chosen to sacrifice the most vulnerable to maintain its luxurious life.

Let's show them that in the end, their power depends solely on our exploitation!

Smash imperialism!

Smash racism!

Smash the borders!

Smash colonialism!


No interviews will be granted to corporate news media.

Special "fuck you" to the Québec media and their cohort of drones.