Antiracist and Anticapitalist Contingent at the Climate Strike March

The fight against climate change must break out of its rut. It must also fight the system of borders which benefits certain lives more than others. It must crush this capitalist economy which is always looking to produce more, more and more. It must fight the migrant prison being built in Laval, in which children are raised behind bars. It must fight imperialism which forces countries of the South to produce for a pittance what we consume here in the North. It must fight white supremacy, whether it takes the form of neo-fascist militia, conservative talking heads, or colonial governments which impose their law on unceded native lands. It must fight those who benefit from poisoning the Earth and from the exploitation of our sisters and brothers.

Governments are complicit with this massive environmental destruction: their laws protect those who destroy the Earth and their police, judges and prison guards have repressed our voices for too long. We will not wait for some leaders to free us: let's fight directly those who profit from this global destruction.

Come join us at noon, under the black flags on the other side of the street in front of the statue, in the Jeanne-Mance park.

Bring your flags, your banners, your masks and you anger!

Date et heure: 
Friday, 27 September, 2019 - 12:00
Type d'activité: 


Abécédaire anticapitaliste

Après CISM pendant plus d'un an, le comité agitprop de la CLAC sévit maintenant sur les ondes de CKUT à l'Émission Off The Hour un vendredi par mois. La chronique est basée sur la formule d'un abécédaire: une lettre, un mot, une tirade. Ça ne se passe pas dans l'ordre alphabétique, mais selon l'actualité. D comme dénoncer, C comme crosse ou crosseurs. Bonne écoute!

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