Next Anti-capitalist Assembly -- Sunday, October 14th

Spread the word among anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian comrades!
Let's continue to meet as anti-capitalists during this time of crisis.

Next Anti-Capitalist Assembly
Sunday Oct 14 , 1pm to 5 pm
*Concordia University, 7th fllor *1455 Maisonneuve West (metro:Guy-Concordia)

This is the 4th in a series of anti-capitalist assemblies since June called by the CLAC and open to all anti-capitalists. The assembly will create aspace free of the constraints imposed by the capitalist system, allowing new possibilities to emerge! The assembly will take the form of an open forum to follow up ongoing initiatives, propose new ones and discuss issues such as election results, amnesty for those arrested during the strike, and the future of student movement, neighbourhood assemblies and anti-capitalist assemblies.

Students who see the capitalist system in its entirety, including the imposition of austerity measures, as the root of the current crises; Members of neighbourhood assemblies who share an anti-capitalist analysis and autonomous practice in their struggles against gentrification; Workers who fight against the erosion of labour rights as part of a broader class war; Immigrants who refuse to be commodities traded across borders and disposed of when no longer needed; All who see through the false promises of capitalism, who don't believe in a 'democracy' that takes place once every four years, all who resist austerity ...

*Let's gather to continue our struggles together and expand them to include all of society. Our movement will grow through our solidarity.*

** Whisper translation (French to English).*
* * Wheelchair accessible.*
* * On-site childcare*
** Free Brunch at noon.*

* You are invited to come between noon and 1pm for a brunch/potluck.
* It will be an opportunity to socialize, especially for newcomers!

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