Anticapitalist mayday '24: capital destroys everything: let's defend ourselves!

The anticapitalist convergence (CLAC) invites you to the anti-capitalist demonstration on May 1. 🦝 Once again this year, there's no shortage of reasons to demonstrate! This year, the state and capital have stepped up their attacks on tenants, queers, ecology, Gazans and workers.

Community initiatives to reduce violence against tenants, who are losing their homes because landlords are enriching themselves with rénovictions🏘️, have not been considered by the government. The Minister of Housing has knowingly persisted with her Bill 31 to benefit lying landlords and numbered companies. On Mayday, let's join together in the streets to defend ourselves against these accomplices of capitalism!

This year, we also hope that everyone working in education 🎓and at santé⚕️, after freezing their asses off for hours on end in exchange for ridiculous union offers, will mobilize with us. The very foundations of capitalism hierarchize typically female jobs. The result: nurses, most of whom are women, have to fight for pay rises, while MPs, most of whom are men, vote themselves pay rises as if nothing had happened. The only common front that can have an impact is that of overturning this system, which deepens social inequalities and devalues everything that cannot be quoted on the stock market. Against this violence toward people working in schools and hospitals, threatening them with overtime and burn outs, let's defend ourselves!

We can't think of the past year without remembering the rise of homophobic and transphobic movements and the parallel rise of pink washing to hide the very violence of capitalism's hetero-patriarchal machinery. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ While queer people are insulted in the subway, threatened on social media or intimidated while planning to read fairy tales to children, TD Bank displays a rainbow in its advertising, without proposing any specific modalities for LGBTQ+ people.

And what can we say about the violence of war and genocide? Canada sells arms to Israel, and the media look the other way while the Palestinian people are massacred in the name of profit. In the face of this violence, and despite our sense of powerlessness, it seems clear to us that it is imperative to attack the interests of capitalism that fuel war.🪖 Capitalism dehumanizes and puts the whole world at risk of self-destruction.🇵🇸

Another reason to join us on May 1st is that the planet is talking to us about record-breaking temperature🌡️ and forest fires🔥🌳. We need to think about degrowth and listen to indigenous peoples in defense of their territories. Let's not be fooled by "green" illusions that serve economic growth instead! Let's shout so that the 1%, blinded by capitalism, sees the violence it inflicts on ecosystems and hears our slogans in tinnitus.🗣️


Capitalism's violence destroys all living things with its colonialism!🌲🧬🦌

Capitalism's violence curtails fundamental human rights with its racism and sexism!🏴🏴

Capitalism's violence only encourages violence for power with its imperialism!🚓🚓


Let's stand together! ✊🏼✊🏾

Let's defend ourselves!✊🏽✊

Let's revolt! ✊🏿✊🏼

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